Updating Blocks brings in additional copies of referenced blocks within

I’ve inserted a block (3300_FP3) that has a referenced block within it (3300_ARCH_FP3), and just recently noticed that when I update the block, it brings in an additional copy of the block within as shown in this screen grab. I don’t think it was doing this earlier today.
The “3300_FP3” block is a linked block with reference layers if that helps.
Please let me know how to get rid of the unnecessary copies or what I am doing wrong that’s causing this. Thank you!

Hi @lilabaghzouz

Thanks for reporting this problem. Can you please attach 3300_FP3 and the included 3300_ARCH_FP3 files? This might help us understand how to reproduce the problem.

Also, are you working in Rhino 7 or 8?

3300_FP3.3dm (490.5 KB)
3300_ARCH_FP3.3dm (5.2 MB)

I am using Rhino 8. I appreciate your help in advance Brian -thank you!

Thanks, I’ve logged this as RH-78766 Refreshing Linked Block with Reference Layer Style adds extra layers

I think this is cosmetic; if you close and reopen the file, the extra layers go away. Still, it’s a bug.

Thank you Brian.

I’m afraid this has been an issue for a long time actually. One of the reasons why I don’t use reference style blocks.