BUG: Linked Block Reference Layers Get Duplicated on Update


File setup and configuration:

  • Blocks linked with settings in screenshot 1: Main.3dm < Linked.3dm < Linkded2.3dm
  • Both linked blocks in Main.3dm, Layer panel, visibility light bulb Off

Steps to reproduce

  • Linked.3dm: Make changes in file
  • Main.3dm: _BlockManager → Update


  • Main.3dm: Reference layer “Linked2 > Linked3.3dm” is duplicated. The duplicate is switched on. The original layer stays off but becomes an orphan (see Screenshot 2, Dead Link), that cannot be deleted. On reload of Main.3dm the orphan is gone.

We work with quite large linked block sets (30-40 blocks), where the orphaned layers cause usability issues. Always restarting is too time consuming. I hope you can reproduce it. A switch to Rh8 is not possible yet, due to PlugIn dependencies (VisualArq, beta is not an option).

Linked2.3dm (46.3 KB)
Linked.3dm (48.7 KB)
Main.3dm (49.0 KB)

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2: