Edit Button Icon - background shows wrong color

Hi @JohnM,

when editing button icons, the background color shown for the light button (left) shows the background color for the dark mode.


Hi Clement, I don’t see this. Is this still the case in the latest WIP?

Hi @Gijs, yes. Below image is from the current WIP. Probably you need to run Win 10 in dark mode to see this:


Fun part about this screengrab is that the left Image does not show an image, it is assigned though. I have no idea why it is missing while i can see it in the floating toolbar group.

IMHO, the whole toolbar system in Rhino 8 is seriously flawed. I can reproduce the following, along with countless other issues:

  1. I got a toolbar from Rhino 7 which i imported (linked)
  2. Almost 50% of the icons are missing, they are pixel based
  3. I replaced all icons with manually created SVG icons
  4. I saved the linked file and closed Rhino 8
  5. I open Rhino 8 and the SVG icons show up as they should
  6. After installing a new WIP, all SVG icons are reverted to the pixel ones, 50% missing

apart from this, the WIP does not remember panel positions. Even if i save the window layout and restore it, the positions restored are not the ones saved. (This is on the bugtracker)


Indeed, this I can confirm
RH-72217 Edit Macro icons in Rhino Light Mode have a dark background when Windows is in Dark Mode

Can you share this toolbar with me? So far I couldn’t repeat this issue with a toolbar I created myself.

Thanks @Gijs, i’m going to send some files via PM.


RH-72217 is fixed in the latest WIP