Edison Bulb Render - Cycles

Render test using Cycles - 6000 samples


This is the Bella version of the same model, for reference:


both stunning images-
Your stuff simply never disappoints.
I’m curious if an Nvidia denoise pass at the end of this would get rid of the pixelization.

@nathanletwory thoughts?
@jdhill you see this one, lovely eh?

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Glad you like it Kyle !

About the texture: That’s why I included the Bella version since the both use the same texture and mapping. So, there could be something about cycles and texture rendering on emitters maybe (?)

I’ll have to defer to @nathanletwory or @andy for that. I’d just be guessing…

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If that is with Rhino 7 I’d say it is due to texture baking likely. But I can only guess.

Seems to be sensitive to even the slightest banding artifacts in the gradient. It can probably be fixed by upping the resolution or adding some noise.

The other question is: Any idea why it changes the hue towards red in this region ?

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It would be useful if you exported one filament strand as a separate 3dm and attached it here for investigation.

TestEmitterMapping.3dm (1.3 MB)

Thank you.

Fortunately this is going to be an easy change. In the code I have to swap one instance of true to false.

Tracking in RH-78074 Emission texture gamma handling incorrect

The fix for anyone interested: Comparing 467b71eb91e8c946c0cd2c81b23052b9a286ec97...602a871ea2573f071c380d91a9fb48a8cbbf2093 · mcneel/RhinoCycles · GitHub

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Many thanks for the quick fix !

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RH-78074 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 1 Release Candidate


With Cycles, I’ve noticed that the point of diminishing returns is starts at 12,000, depending on the contrast of the image.

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That’s very good. Nice filaments, and dark-field like lighting on the glass.

Though, we are going to have to see some nixie tubes, and perhaps an 12AX7, while you are at it : )

The metal on Modern Edison sockets bases is a bit rougher than that. Perhaps it’s just that they just don’t care anymore. The stamping came out great! In older bulbs, perhaps not that old, but in some bulbs, the glass for the base insulator often had a purple hue when viewed through it, but that would still show as black in your rendering.

In the basement of my grandfather’s house, he still had some of the roundish bubs with (evacuation?) points on the top, like Mr. Carlson uses in his isolation rig, though his were taller in the neck, 75 watt, if I remember correctly.

Cool project! Vive la Rendering!

Nixie tube? Yeah, we got that :grin:

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here’s one from around 2005, modeled in rhino, rendered in maxwell, based on a stock tube from a fender vibroverb :slight_smile:


maxwell was amazing back in the day… I remember the delight in seeing an incredible rendering develop 40 hours after I started it…

those times seem insane now but the results were amazing-


Thank you for the 12AX7 render : )
Using a nickel material for the electrodes is a nice touch. The getter coating on the glass must have been interesting to do.
Will you ever revisit it?

[@theoutside , Do much 4k rendering?
Unfortunately, expectations also rise with the technology. While I am not doing 40-hour single frame renders, I am still doing overnight ones, on a RTX 4070.

I remember many years ago, this was my dream video camera. Apparently, I was no the only one. XL1 - Canon Camera Museum

I remember, it was in the 1990s, I was at a graphic trade show, when I saw, get this: nearly real-time raytracing. They took their hand from the mouse, and in an instant, it was raytraced.]

nooo… my patience for 40hr renderings is more gone than my hair at this point in my career. :wink:

Yeah, the whole point of Cycles, GPU rendering, and Bella investing so much effort on its Saturn algorithms, is to move the needle away from the old Maxwell brute force model of rendering.

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and I for one standing salute every developer that is working on that stuff… we all benefit!