Fairly Convincing Zinc Chromate on Steel With Stock Rhino Renderer


It’s doesn’t look too bad. The secret: Purple Gloss?!
I have an average scene environment, but, it’s barely visible.

Have you tried Auxpecker?
Search for it on www.food4rhino.com

Thank you. I tried Auxpecker for Rhino 4, but my machine (2600k GTX 570) is getting a little slow for previews as it is.

At some point I would like to get a nice ray tracer, but with no global texture replace in Rhino, I loathe to even try any, as I am still trying to hunt down and replace Flamingo textures in my files to bring them up to Rhino V5.

Try Neon, it uses the default Rhino Render and might be what you need.

I tried Neon, but I have way too much showing in my current project, perhaps it will come in handy for other things.
I did notice that everything was darker and less saturated.