Edgesoftening doesn't update on history children in polar array

Hi guys,
just playing with rendering and discovered that edged softening didn’t update the children in a polary array. Is there a reason why not?

And another thing, I have noticed that Focus Blur pays attention to the units in the file.
So the first image I modelled in mm but units was meters, so I had to set the aperture to 0.1 to get a god blur. So when I changed to mm with no scale on then Cycles obviously made it very blurry.
So here I had to change Aperture to 100 to get the same look. (100 is 1000x 0.1 so that makes sense!)

BUT you don’t use 100 on a camera obviously and even at 32 it doesn’t look right, because that is very sharp all through the depth of field in real world photograpy:

@nathanletwory is this a cycles thing?

I have a 1.4 lense I can put on my camera and do a real life comparison for you if you’d like to get the settings right. (I could rig up a real world setting and model it in Rhino and compare the two)

The edge softening is something for @DavidEranen to have a look at. He’s been meddling with mesh modifiers lately anyway.


You’re free to make comparisons with real lenses and post the information here. It’ll not only help me, but anyone else interested in the rendering subject as well :slight_smile: