Edges wont join, line is bold, need more options

New to subD, I generally build out using extrusions but eventually I have to fill with 3D faces that I try to snap to vertices. Ill then select the new 3D face and join it to the whole which usually works, but sometimes one edge wont connect. I notice its slightly bold.

I tried stitch, but it only works occasionally. Any thoughts to what Im doing wrong and how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.



hard to tell without the file

Heres the file.

subdpracticehelp.3dm (924.8 KB)

If you are trying to connect that face all at once (and it’s already aligned correctly) try using Join instead of Stitch.

Or, to just fix this one unstitched intersections, if you turn edit points on, then shift-select both points and then select stitch, it seems to work fine.

Thank you Peter. Still dont understand why this happens, but that is a fix.

Much appreciated

The edit points were separate there so in Smooth mode the SubD looked like that. In Box mode (Tab) the edit points are on top of one another but would need to be Stitched into one to fix it in Smooth display. You had a few other areas where edges look like creases but they are actually just separate edges on top of one another too. Sub-object selecting and moving an edge can show the actual gap that is there. Then use Stitch to fix it. You might want to look at the command AppendFace, this will let you add faces and have them join in automatically.

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