Fixing joinment of subD

I know there is a command (but can’t remember) to fix the problem(red lines) which is linked below in the screenshot…

stitch ?

(there is also AlignVertices + WeldVertices)

post your file - so it is easier to help

tako pavilionas projektavimui.3dm (29.6 KB)

you will need a corresponding vertex in the edge, the triangular Faces are attached to.
then you can

not sure if the triangular Faces are seen as good subd-Modelling.
so maybe use a quad instead ?

tako pavilionas projektavimui_tp.3dm (2.9 MB)

Probably Ill use the quads. Anyway, thank you.

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@Tom_P it seems like the edges connects smoothly but for some reason one of the faces isn’t connected to others. What are the reasons?

tako pavilionas projektavimui_tp.3dm (214.4 KB)

you re trying to bring together 3 Faces in one Edge.
This is called Non-Manifold

this is not possible for subd in Rhino

to solve this - you have to add thickness to your shell.
_offsetSubD as a startingpoint.

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Im not sure how does thickening solves this problem…

instead of 3 surfaces meet in one point (red Y) the offset / thickness will not have a non-manifold issue (blue)

I see…

But after thickenning the SubD will the program itself allow me to join that single left out surface?

I’ve tried:

  1. Offsetting the shell SubD
  2. Offsetting that lonely surface (marked in SC)
  3. Booolean Unioning these two

The problem that occurs is that one single surface (marked in SC) is not smoothly connected to the whole shell…

Probably there is something that I didn’t catch…


you have to do this manually. not a wokrflow, but possible commands are: