Edges orientation of the cell structure

Hello everyone,
I ask if there is a function that allows you to orient each single edge of the structure by defining a certain angle of inclination.
Thanks.Mesh_edges Struttura

in order to orient a geometry you need an angle, a point and a direction, or an angle and a plane.
You can can use cell face to orient an edge but as an edge has 2 faces, you’ll have to made a choice. Or you can choose the median place of the 2 faces passing through the edge.

If you want some more help some drawings, explanations are mandatory.

Is there no way to globally verify the orientation of each individual edge?

You can multiply its direction by a vector. It will give you a signed value.

Did you learn that? It seems that I don’t understand you and vice-versa.

Yes, we are probably not understanding each other. I try to explain you better. I would like to check if the edges of the structure are oriented below a certain angle. Such that if this does not happen, you have to orient it correctly.

I see you’ve been struggling with this one for a while.
Here’s a way to adjust lines in a network so that they are all within some angle range from vertical.

limit_angle.gh (19.0 KB)
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Exactly, it was not easy to find the right compromise between the angle and the structure of the foam. You hit the target, that’s the idea! I can insert the algortimo you created directly into my project

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Could I continue like this and intersect the geometry with an elementary cube? Multipipe

Perhaps, if it is possible to clean up any very short edges or tiny angles before piping.
If that doesn’t work then isosurfacing could be the way to go.

Using the Chromodoris plug-in, via the Mesh pipe function, I came to this. Is this an acceptable solution? How can I rebuild the top and bottom of the structure?Cattura.PNG pipe

If you make a mesh sphere at each node, of the same radius as the pipes, you will get a bunch of overlapping closed volumes, without those gaps.
It probably won’t be possible to boolean union all these, but depending on what 3d printing software this is going to, it might not be a problem to just give the file with the overlaps.

In theory Dendro should be able to make a closed isosurface from the curves - I couldn’t get it to run with this many lines, but I’ve not used it much. Maybe someone else who knows the settings better could make it work.

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A question, I noticed that in the limit angle algorithm, the population of points is not parameterized, how can I get a different geometry by varying for example the number of points with 3D population, also some points are external to the geometry. Thank you