Orient shape on polyhedra

Hi, I’m trying to orient this drop-shaped curve on a polyhedra.
But the orientation isn’t as I would like it on all faces.

The green drops on the top are oriented the way I want them.
But the diamond-shaped faces below have their first vertice where you see the zero, but I’d like them to be at 3.

So I guess for this particular polyhedra (which is made with the plugin Rhinopolyhedra) it will be a matter of shifting lists of points for some of the faces and not others (unless you have a better idea).

But I only chose this particular polyhedra because all faces are the same and the edges are not, so it would be easy to see what I mean.
Does anyone have experience with this kind of work with polyhedra.
Is there for example other alternatives to Rhinopolyhedra which gives you more control over how the individual faces are oriented?

orient to polyhedron.gh (25.6 KB)

orient to polyhedron_re.gh (13.5 KB)

Is this what you want?

I don’t think so. Based only on comparing the two images, I think @lars.renklint wants the “point” on the drops to aim at the point where the two longest edges of each face meet?

P.S. Uh, no, sorry, that theory doesn’t look right either…

This might be it, but your original curve should be narrowed a bit to avoid overlapping…

orient to polyhedron_RE.gh (19.8 KB)

Thank you @Jakinta, that was what I was aiming for.

Actually it wasn’t before @Joseph_Oster wrote his ps. that it strucked me that the way the faces are oriented are actually different on the top and bottom compared to the other sides.

I will try out a couple of more polyhedras (and be sure to actually understand them) and see if this approach will work.

Thanks alot!

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For what it’s worth, here’s the idea I had:

orient_to_polyhedron_2020Feb16b.gh (25.7 KB)

When i came back on this i have noticed that you need ‘‘leaves’’ moved away from vertices. It could be easily achieved by evaluating longest diagonals (purple group), but i am sure you are aware of that. :slight_smile:

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