Orientation angle struts

Hi everyone,
is there any function, such as angle goal (Kangoroo), with which it is possible to orient the uprights of this structure below 45 ° with respect to the XY plane?

The aim here isn’t clear to me.
Which ones are the ‘uprights’ in this context?

The uprights would be the structures that, when bound, determine the structure, the edges in a nutshell

I would like the edges of the Voronoi cells to be oriented with respect to the XY plane with an angle of less than 45 °

The aim here is to ensure that there is no surface that has an angle with the XY plane that is less than 45 degrees.

So, take one “strut” from that structure. If it was vertical, or perpendicular to the XY plane, call it an angle of 90 degrees. If it was horizontal it would be 0 degrees. Tip it over from vertical and the angle decreases. It must not be less than 45 degrees.

This is for a 3d printing process… any surface that is overhanging less than 45 degrees requires support structure.

Could Kangaroo be used to make sure all the “struts” are angled such that they do not require support structure?

My gut feeling is that it will change the structure drastically or be too complex to solve. Perhaps the overhanging structures could be minimised though?


Thanks @martynjhogg - that is clearer.

I think it would be easy enough (without using Kangaroo) to adjust the end points of only the lines which touch the bounding box so that they are all within 45 degrees of vertical, since those points can be moved without affecting anything else. So I would check the angle, and scale the end vertically about the start point enough to get it within the threshold.
It would no longer be a Voronoi structure at this point. I’m guessing that’s not important here though.

If you wanted to adjust also the internal members to make them more vertical, I agree it may well require changing the structure drastically.

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What function should I use to orient the points that touch the edges of the box.
If I wanted to orient the internal points as well, what should I do?