Edge rendering artefact

Hi all,

I’m new to Rhino here. I’m getting this issue when I enter the render view mode. The corners of the texture seem to overlap one another and are offset inside the boundaries of the geometry.

This only seems to happen on PBR textures and not the built in Rhino ones. I am using a MacBook with M1 / Apple Silicon, if this helps.

Am I missing something?

Many thanks!

Do you have Edge Softening turned on?

Hi John,

I don’t have it on. Turning it on just dials up the weirdness even further!

Many thanks.

Hello - is your object very far from the World origin? Use EvaluatePt and snap to some point on your object - the command history will give you World and CPlane coordinates.


Hi Pascal,

I don’t think so… That command gives this:

Point in world coordinates = 1378.934,27.591,-60.000    CPlane coordinates = 1378.934,27.591,-60.000

(Document is set in mm)

Hm - try RefreshShade and select that object. If you cannot sort it out, post a file…


Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to change anything for me.

Please find below a link to a copy of the file:

Thanks for your help!

Hi Steve - it is the displacement map on the PBR for this object. Shut that off and just use the normal mapping I think.


Hi Pascal,

That seems to have done the trick perfectly! Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards,