Fuzzy surfaces in ghosted and rendered view mode

Sometimes Rhino for Mac shows me very unclear surfaces in the view port. Edges and lines are still drawn precise and are connecting the corner points of the volume, but the surfaces between them are flying somewhere around (see image below). This happens especially when I’m working with lower precision or models with a lot of surfaces (for instance a landscape model).

When I explode and join the geometry again or when I copy the model to another Rhino File sometimes the view will be precise again…

Is there anyway to get the viewport clear again (something like rebuilt polysurface)?

i believe @pascal wrote somewhere once that this can happen when you are far away from the center of the Cplane. i at least assume this may have the same reason.

try ClearAllMeshes or RefreshShade. if those do not work exploding and rejoining as you did may be the only solution.

Thank you @RichardZ. The problem is indeed that our project is far away from the origin point of the Cplane as we are working with the Swiss coordinate system to exchange the geometry with other specialists.

Moving it to the zero point works!
Unfortunately moving the Cplane origin to the geometry doesn’t. ClearAllMeshes and RefreshShade didn’t help either.

:smile: for some swiss precision. ok glad it worked for you. but i also believe there should be an easier method of getting this back into shape. something which should be implemented or at least having this bug resolved.

Amigos, give this link a look for further details: https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/farfromorigin

thats a huge effort for complex files Rodrigo… why cant mesh vertex points be stored as individual locals for example. not having a huge room with a center which is miles away.

I know, and I wish I had a better answer… : /
See also Steve’s comments here.