Black edges on render in Rhino 7

I’m very new to Rhino 7, and I’m working my way around in the Rhino Render (I previously used Vray). It’s killing me, why all my edges are black. Any ideas?

There is not much info to go on: what material did you use?

But my best guess at the moment is that you added a displacement map to an extrusion or similar simple shape. The render mesh created for such shapes with hard edges generally have unconnected (unwelded) mesh geometry. When PBR displacement is applied it will cause geometry to pull from each other.

Additionally for PBR displacement to work well you have to add lots of geometry to the render mesh by setting a custom render mesh with the correct settings. That will help creating good PBR displacement effects.

If you don’t need the displacement effect just disable the displacement channel for the PBR material.

Thanks for your input.

I’m using a basic standard material. I haven’t changed any setup on the material itself, as I wanted to do some prelim basic tests on the Rhino 7 Render. Displacement is not activated on the material, but thanks for clarifying the issue with edges and displacement. I was not aware of this.

I did a explode/join as I thought this might do the trick. But unfortunately not.

Maybe you could attach the 3dm file here so we can investigate and figure out for you what is going on. It is hard to tell really. At least it looks like unconnected geometry here.

I’ve attached the file. Hopefully you can see what goes wrong?
leg.3dm (6.9 MB)

Hej Jeanette -

When I put the viewport into the Wireframe display mode and check the top, I see the following:

You can see wires extending beyond the borders of the surfaces. That’s always a sign of something that is not as it should be.
When you then explode the outer surface and hide the sides, you will see that it’s the fillets that have issues:

Do you recall how these were made?

You’ll have to somehow repair these surfaces. In the attached, I’ve deleted the fillets, made the side surfaces join up again and then redid the fillets.
leg-fixed.3dm (7.1 MB)

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