Edge loops relax / Control point row relax


In Modo, during subd modeling I relax my geometry often to have a more equalized edge loop distribution (to avoid pinches and bad light reflections). I use for that old Edge Flow 2 (old free plugin). Those edge loops relax and try to maintain the current shape.

Question: Do you know something similar in Rhino for meshes and for Control Points rows to have more equal rows distribution without rebuilding the whole surface?

Here in Rhino I would like to slide both CP rows to relax them:

I know that in the current example I may use rebuild to equalize rows. I’ve tried also to use slide command but it doesn`t work with CP. The slide command is also something different than relaxing edge loops but sometimes on one CP row it could be close enough.

Hello - For surfaces and curves, MoveUVN has smoothing controls for this.


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Brilliant. Thanks a lot.

Please tell me do you have some trick for selecting multiple CP rows on the same surface. During making the movie below I had to double click many times because selection mixed selecting U rows with V rows. It looked almost random. When I double-clicked on some CP it was U row selection and when I clicked to another point it was V row selection. How to steer with that to select only U or V row without mixing them together in one selection?


Hello - if you have a coherent rectangle of points to select, SelControlPointRegion is the one - if you have at least two opposite corners pre-selected, the command will fill in the rest. I have this on my Control point context menu as UVRectangle: