Eddy annual wind analysis


I am trying to do an annual wind analysis. I’m using the basic temple of that, and attempt to apply it to my own 3d model. There was no issue until step 4. Probing points & probing. but the wind factors show 2 alarms. I followed the tutorial video but cannot figure out what is the problem. I attach my 3d rhino file and grasshopper file. I’d appreciate it if you take a quick look and explain how to fix and get the right result.

Thank you.

Malmo Rhino6 .3dm (1.4 MB) malmo.gh (36.6 KB)

Hi Dana,

Your simulation domain was much too small plus you were probing your points at z=0 m which is not possible. Check this one:

malmo.gh (44.7 KB) Malmo Rhino6 .3dm (1.4 MB)