Template Errors

I’m having an issue with Wind Comfort Metrics, Wind Factors don’t seem to be outputting meaningful data for analysis/visualization, and Wind Factors2 outputs all null
I’m using the template 4_AnnualWindAnalysis, steps I took were:
1.download EPW
3.run mesh
4.run sim
5.run probe
6.run wind factors

how can I solve this issue?

4_AnnualWindAnalysis.gh (66.9 KB)

5_PressureOnBuildingFacade also doesn’t open, some error with character in name?

6_AnnualOutdoorComfort and 7_IndoorExample seems to have some issues with probing, not being able to find files that are already there
for 6_AnnualOutdoorComfort, this seems to cause issues for the components downstream. When I run Mean Radiant Temperature Rhino crashes. tried clean, but made no difference.