Easy way to squiggle smooth lines a bit?

Doing a series of these laser/CNC cut topographic terrain models, the cyan curves are just based on limited GPS points. It’s a little too clean for me, this supposed to represent a rocky/craggy terrain. How could I go about randomly waving these a bit?

Guessing a workflow that lets the end points stay put, generates points along the curves, evenly spaced and randomly moves those points x and y randomly (slightly) then generates a new nurbs curve through them? Something like that?

You can calculate the length of each line and rebuild them with an appropriate amount of control points. You can then randomise movement in xy for each point and replace all control points in the list excluding the start end end points. Then use those points to create the curve and project back on to the geometry.

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a variation of this idea, take each curve, divide into segments, either divide by number or length component, then add some random jitter to those points, perhaps just in z direction, then rebuild curve as you suggested