Randomly divide set of curves, move points, weave together?

Hello All,

I’ve been working on a script that uses grasshopper to generate geometry and then take that geometry and turn it into gcode for 3d printing. I have been successful in generating and combining contours of a lofted surface into 1 polyline and have been successful in displacing evenly divided points on these curves and recombining using weave. I am now trying to move this approach one step further and randomly divide each curve so that the displacements of the dispatched points are irregular. I have figured out a method to randomly divide each curve but am having trouble recombining the control points once they are dispatched and moved. If I can neatly do this that I can combine all the separate curves into 1 polyline for printing. I suspect the solution will involve some list manipulation and also figuring out a way to randomly divide the curve so that all endpoints of one curve line up above the next so that they can all be combined into 1 curve. Any help is much appreciated!

GhoptoGcode.gh (35.2 KB)