How create a random curve based on the existing?


I would like to generate a slightly changing surface, with a random curved surface. Should I use the random command?
I am so confused…


Hi @maychy1124,

If by “random command”, you mean the Random component, then yes and no. It produces random, integer numbers, not a randomized curve, however that would look.

How can you change a curve? Well, for instance by moving its control points or vertices in random directions. :slight_smile:

I found it yesterday. :grinning:

  1. If I have more than one curve at the same time, what can I do?
  2. Is it possible to generate a different cure with the same constraint in the same area? Then, I could have a slightly changing surface.

Thanks a lot!!

It depends on what you do in the first place!
Usually all you have to do is match the data from one component to fit the data of another one. If you have 10 curves with 5 control points each, you need to match a tree with 10 branches of 5 items/points per branch with another tree of for instance 10 branches with 5 randomized three-dimensional vectors.
Once you have two matching data trees, you can use them together, in this case with a Move component, in order to translate the curve points along their corresponding vectors. The curves can then be rebuild from the moved points.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this?

Apart from randomizing, driving the changes by noise (Perlin, Simplex, etc.) or even environmental parameters (solar irradiation, shading, etc.) could be interesting.

As @diff-arch says, it’s difficult to tell what you want, but maybe you can get some ideas from this:

roughed-up (12.1 KB)

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