Easy way for angular dimensions in 3D space?

From what I know I would draw a pependicular line to one of the side faces then draw a connected vertical line, then will join both and apply a CPlane to draw the dimension. is there a one click operation for something like that as I have 50 panels. Thank you a lot for your wisdom. Hannes (note: I know it’s creative chaos, will nest everything right after :wink:

Hi Hannes - does DimCreaseAngle help in this case?


Damn quick, so I have to substract the angle from 90 degrees, as I have to figure out the from the vertical line as we would use a buzz saw for most of the pieces tmw. will later go directly into CNC.

Thanks for putting this one out!!!

@pascal just an quick idea: would be way faster if you only have to click an edge on solids and then drag the dimension. Thank you! H

Hi Hannes - you can try this hack to see if it does anything useful …
The good thing is it does not require the faces to be planar; it works on a joined edge between two faces and returns the local angle right where you pick.

DimEdgeAngle.py (2.2 KB)

Anyway -

! _-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

to make an alias.

As always, scripts guaranteed sort of tested.



Woooah! Thank you Pascal! This is a timesaver!!!

What I encountered is that it may calculate a bit weired and takes a different angle. So my job is to substract the 90 degrees. Anyways, very very niceeeee!

@pascal encountered, when solid’s directions are flipped, the dimensions are also flipped, something we have to be aware of. :slight_smile:

Hi Hannes - yes, direction matters - I had an interface on there while testing where you could flip each direction in case the initial guess was wrong but it was a messy workflow so I took it out - for closed solids, it should always be right (right?) but for open objects, I guess I do need a flipper. I’ll see if I can make a better one than I first tried.

@hannesgrebin - I added a flipper - it’s not great but I’m just using the DimAngle command in the script so I don’t need to try to cook up my own, so for now it’s the best I can do. Basically there is an added ‘Flip or Enter to accept’ stage added - if you flip it you must place the dimension again.

DimEdgeAngle.py (3.5 KB)


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