Unroll surface and define angles and direction of doubles

angle dimension surface 3d
Unroll surface and define angles and direction of doubles Between faces of surfaces

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I would like to ask for guidance for this problem that I have for days,
I have some models in 3d. I need to fold with the angles that these models have but I can not find the right angle to bend equal to the model. Since there is no tool that does this.
depronto someone can guide me
I apologize for the inconvenience

I left a model and an image to explain myself better

estribos.3dm (2.3 MB)

Looking for the best way to size this :pensativo:

It’s not totally clear to me what you are asking for.
If I understand correctly, you can just use the Angle command to find the angle of those folds.

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Hi @wim

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Thanks for your reply,
But it does not give me the right angle since it takes angles in 2d
And I need to know the angles between faces dim angle 3d.

I have left an example,
I had to orientate each piece
To project the curves on the surface
And flattening said curves in a view view for using angle 2d

It is complex to unwind the piece, not knowing the correct angles between faces.
Since the pieces are made on the 3d model

Or unwind the surface and automatically tell which is the angle in the plane 2d with the direction of folding example 120 ° above or 120 ° below.

Hi Vikthor, from the last picture, it looks like you are using the DimAngle command. You should use the Angle command.

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thank you very much,
If that works

But there is some way to unroll the piece leaving me a note with the angles in the piece 2d

If I understand what you want correctly, I suggest you create a temporary plane perpendicular to each fold line, then intersect the sides of your part on each side of the fold line with the temporary plane. Measure the angle between the lines created by the intersection(s). This should give you the angle to use when unfolding the piece to flat.

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This might help

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Hi Vikthor - DimCreaseAngle may be what you’re looking for.


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DimCreaseAngle Is a great tool, thank you very much, I did not know that, it avoids many complications

Unroll label angle.

I’m looking for something like this examples

But instead of numbering the edges write down the angles

Sorry for uploading so many pictures, but it’s the closest thing to making me understand