Easiest way to simulate sheet metal under tension (pic inside)

Hey all,

I want to simulate the bending of a square piece of sheet metal as in the attached pic.
How wold You advise me to go about it? (I’m not necessarily interested in the forces)

Thank You!

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This could be done with Kangaroo.
@DanielPiker could you demonstrate this simple example?

I´d say “simulation” needs to deal with the forces, and then Kangaroo is the way to go.
Otherwise is not simulation but faking

From a purely geometry standpoint this maybe the answer the answer you looking. Currently the bending control is a bit arbitrary, I have had a look at making it with cord length but not solved the issue yet as the bend arc is not limited to the surface corners.

Bending Metal.gh (12.1 KB)

Have to thank this post for giving me the clue as to why i could not use a single arc and single bend component http://www.grasshopper3d.com/forum/topics/how-to-bend-a-surface

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Here’s an example of simulating this as a mesh with Kangaroo:
bent_sheet.gh (27.5 KB)
The slider controls the length of the string attaching the corners. If you change the mesh you’ll need to make sure the triangulation is aligned with the bending axis.

I’m not sure simulation is actually so necessary here though.
I think it’s safe to assume the metal sheet is remaining developable, with the ruling lines perpendicular to the string (if the pieces are square). In section the curve you get from the simulation is very close to an ellipse (you might want to use the simulation or your physical model to inform this section curve), so you could extrude this, then use flow along surface to map a square surface onto it.


@DanielPiker Like a boss! :slight_smile: