Pull Mesh to curve (Bending/Twisting Plywood)

Hello everyone!

My goal is to bend/twist one sheet of plywood, veneer, paper, … after lasercutting. I want to set some constraints on how to bend it, meaning defining some points and curves that should be touched by the bent sheet while still maintaining developability.

So far, i found the examples of this topic (Plywood Strips twisting and bending simulation), which was very helpful but i have the problem that i don’t have a predefined shape (in the example a rectangle) but want to calculate the shape i need to lasercut.

My approach is to use a rectangle nontheless (as the plywood sheet is rectangular, too), make it bigger than needed, add some ‘slits’ to the mesh as the resulting form will roughly look like an ‘U’ (idea for slits from here: Simulating Bending of Paper Strip) and then ‘pull’ the mesh to some points, short lines and curves.

My problem is that i am quite new to kangaroo and can’t figure out how to pull the mesh to a curve. I hope someone can help me with that or point me in the right direction, even if there is another/better solution out there.

Thank you in advance for your time and advice!

Edit: A few pictures to clarify my intention …

Shape I want to generate with Kangaroo (marked with black are contraining curves):

Unrolled and Lasercut: