Architectural elevations - Make 2D feature request


I would like to create simple elevation in rhino and I would like to suggest for Make 2D to project all lines to clipping plane or CPlane as a new feature. All the time I need to move them to the right location. I also tried the Section tool plugin but it uses the Make 2D that suitable for elevations but same result. Unfortunately Section tool has not got sort of scope extension feature that would show the rest of the geometry beyond section line. 3rd try was VisualArq but it still suffering from performance issue. For bigger building “VisualArq start generating geometry” and it takes ages (3 mugs of coffee) to finish.

Hi Onrender - use the Current Cplane setting in Make2d - does that do what you need?


Hi Pascal,

Thanks I tried that as well but I still need to pull back to the section line. I will check it again later, this day.

Hi onrender - use CPlane > Object and set the plane to the clipping plane, then Make2d…?


Make2D to CPlane works very well for this. The geometry is created at w0 parallel to the current CPlane and is still selected after the Make2D operation so a button with the following macro instantly pulls the geometry to the working CPlane

_-NoEcho _-ProjectToCPlane _No _Enter _SelNone

Hi pascal,

I have exactly done that but the it did not pick up the Z axis well. The view was rotated and Z was X and X was -Y.