Will Rhino inside Revit (RiR) kill Dynamo?

I’ve been experimenting with rhino inside lately and have been very impressed so far. Looks promising and got me thinking that RiR had the potential to overtake Dynamo as the dominant scripting interface for Revit. For a number of reasons:

  • Dynamo is still quite buggy and slow in comparison to Grasshopper
  • Grasshopper has a significantly larger community, hence larger ecosystem of plug-ins to draw from
  • More user friendly and beautiful interface

However, RiR Grasshopper currently seems to be lacking the data manipulation capabilities of Dynamo, which makes sense considering geometry is what Rhino/Grasshopper is good for vs BIM in Revit.

I can easily see this being overcome with some additional nodes by Mcneel in the final release or custom plug ins written by others. It isn’t really as difficult to implement compared to plug ins like Kangaroo, Galapagos, Wallacei etc. which Dynamo is quite far away from.

Either way, smart move by Mcneel and looking forward to seeing it develop further.

Very interested in hearing the communities thoughts on the topic.




Hi Kai,

What data manipulation components are you missing more?

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How do you figure? if anything its the opposite.

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I probably should have been more specific as I was referring to data manipulation more relevant to documentation within Revit such as parameters, schedules, revisions, sheets, annotations etc…

I could be mistaken as I haven’t yet dug in to every component in the RiR tab but it seemed at first glance that RiR could make use of another subcategory which could focus on the documentation side of Revit.

They might already be accessible using the existing set of nodes however I think RiR could still benefit from a more streamlined UX in this regard.


This is a great podcast that will give you some insight into the history and possible futures of “generative design technologies”.

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We are currently working on an airport project and its subsidiary projects in TW. Since the whole projects launched years ago all the revit files have contracted in RVT 2016 therefore RIR can’t do much support due to the fact that min sustainable version is 2018. And so whoevere join the BIM team has to somehow master Dynamo. Struggling, but I’m still on yhe RIR side.

Thanks for your support. It’s understandable that they have to keep the team in one software on such a large project. The cost of forcing all the subcontractors to upgrade would be enormous. Unfortunately that really limits you to old dynamo, pyrevit and revitlookup versions as well.

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