Grasshopper + Dynamo interchangability

Hello everyone,

I created a script that analysis the spatial quality of a building on grasshopper (+ ladybug + TT toolbox)
Since now everyone is using Revit / especially with the emergence of Revit 2021, I was thinking of transferring this script in Dynamo.

I don’t know anything about Dynamo and my grasshopper skill is intermediate.
My questions are,

  1. how similar are the nodes from both grasshopper / dynamo? are they comparable?
  2. is there a easy way of transferring a grasshopper script into dynamo or do i have to put them one by one?
  3. does dynamo has plug ins like ladybug - or other architectural analysis plug ins?

thank you.

If you own rhino 6, you can download rhino 7 WIP and run Grasshopper in Revit directly thru Rhino.Inside.Revit


Check this link little detailed insight available for your question:

Ladybug, Lunchbox plugins are also available for Dynamo too.