Dynamic sections and blocks, a bug?

I think I’ve encountered a bug with the dynamic section tool. When I try to cut anything that is defined as a block it won’t work. If i explode a block or change it into a group the dynamic sections works just fine, so the problem must be in how the tool interprets blocks. However, blocks are being cut correctly in the level/plan view mode so the problem should be fixable? Also, the blocks that won’t be cut are the ones I’ve made myself in Rhino, the dynamic section works like it should with VisualARQ’s own block (walls, windows erc.).

I’m working on a building with a modular system so keeping the modules in blocks is a musta and it would be nice to be able to use the dynamic section tool on the project. Otherwise VisualARQ is a great product.

Hi, thanks to report this. We are aware that dynamic section tool doesn’t work with Rhino blocks, so we will fix this issue in future VisualARQ versions. I’ll let you know when this happens.

Ok, thank you for the info. Good to know that it’s under work.

Hi is there a workaround for displaying blocks in VisualArq for dynamic section?
Looking forward to this fix.

@lifetime Exploding the block.
I’ll let you know when we fix this issue.

Ok we have found that linking and embedding the blocks instead of just linking them is promising. We can see them now in visualarq. But there are some inconsistencies. In one case the nested blocks which were linked only showed when the block they were in was linked and embedded. In other cases this doesn’t seem to work. Bigger files unfortunately.

Do you mean they didn’t appear (when the block was just "linked) in the model "? or in Plan/Section views?

First the linked blocks didn’t show in the section.
Then we linked and embedded all the blocks nested and otherwise and they showed in the section.
Then we found a block which had been embedded and linked where the nested blocks were linked only and still showed. This happened accidentally. When we try to replicate this we don’t get the linked only blocks showing in the section…

So yes I mean the linked blocks didn’t appear in the section

Ok, thanks to clarify all that. We are working to fix these issues.
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@lifetime this error has been fixed in VisualARQ 2.

@ncederlo, @lifetime I get back to this thread to mention that VisualARQ 2 supports blocks when showing the model in section (vertical or horizontal sections). In addition sections are now managed by viewport independently (also from layout details) using the new Section Manager dialog. (You can watch it in this video:https://youtu.be/1qdNB5v_fwE)

It doesn’t seem to work for me, am I missing something?

Hi @A_Mac, this is a different case. VisualARQ 1 didn’t section the blocks at all, and version 2 sections blocks but section attributes are not shown. This happens because Rhino blocks don’t keep the section attributes information. And it is not possible to assign section attributes directly to the block (so far) because the geometry inside the block has no section attributes or “by Parent” assignment. This is something that we plan to improve in future versions but in the meantime there is a workaround:

You can use the VisualARQ “Element” object for that (or the Furniture object). Just go to the Element Styles (vaElementStyles command), create a new Element Style:

Then select the style and assign that block to it, under the Geometry tab:


Finally go to the Attributes tab, and assign the section attributes you wish.


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@fsalla Thanks for the information. It doesn’t appear to behave correctly or consistently when I use the VA Element object. Print line thickness is not displayed, for example.


@A_Mac, you are right, only the hatch pattern seems to work properly in this case. We will review this behavior.

@A_Mac We have just released VisualARQ 2.2 that fixes a bug related to this topic.
Section attributes (and custom parameters) on objects were lost when creating blocks with these objects. Now it works fine.

@fsalla Sorry but it doesn’t seem to work for me. Unless I am missing something.

These are extrusions with exactly the same section properties. The one on the left is a plain extrusion. The one in the middle is nested inside a block. The one on the right is the same block inside a Visual Arq Element. As you can see they look different.



@A_Mac, what VisualARQ version are you using? this might be related to a bug that has already been fixed.
Can you share this test model so I can confirm it? (send it to visualarq@asuni.com)

@fsalla I am using version 2.2.3 with Rhino 5. I will send you the test model.