DXF Export R13 or R14


I am working in a CAD program named 3rdPlanIt (3PI) specially designed to draw model railroad track plans. I’ve drawn up all the supporting structure – called benchwork – in Rhino 7. I’d like to import the Rhino drawing into 3PI, draw up the track plan then export it back to Rhino. Well . . . here’s what the 3PI documentation says about importing DXF files:

27.2 Importing DXF/DWG Files
Using the DXF/DWG option, you can directly import DXF and DWG R13 and R14 files into your 3rd PlanIt design. Simply select File / Import / DXF-DWG and browse for the desired file. The layers present in the DXF/DWG file will be created in your 3PI document, then all the DXF/DWG objects will be placed in their designated layers. Please note that the DXF and DWG file formats only allow for triangular solids. If you export a square from another program, it will be converted to a pair of triangles and that is what will be imported into 3rd PlanIt.

The problem is that Rhino DXF exports tops out at R12. Is there a workaround like some software that can upgrade R12 to R13 – short of buying AutoCad? Any hints?

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Anything that imports R13 should also import R12 I think. You can also create your own R14 format export scheme:

I just knew there had to be a way to skin that cat! With thanks and gratitude.


This might be helpful:

Thanks, John, indeed it is helpful!