AutoCAD export schemes

When exporting or saving to a .dwg file, the DWG/DXF Export Options list schemes such as “2004 Lines”, “2004 Natural”, “R12 Lines & Arcs”, and “R12 Natural”.

I do not see any options for exporting to a newer release of DWG/DXF than 2004. Is this because Autocad’s .dwg format has not really changed in essence (or in the format features that Rhino uses) since 2004?

I’m using AutoCAD 2010 for some 2D which itself is pretty old considering 2016 is out. But if the only thing that is really new is user interface icons, silly user ribbons and whatnot, version 2010 (even 2004) is still relevant. This is basically what I’m inquiring about.


The dwg features used by the Rhino exporter haven’t changed much in quite a while.
It hasn’t seemed like newer format support (for export) is needed to handle what we want to write to dwg files.
Leaving the format at 2004 makes it less likely that people will end up trying to exchange files that older non-Autodesk software can’t read.