DXF or DWG preferred for import?

Any preference for DXF vs DWG format for import into Rhino 6? I need to import some 2D equipment drawings and they are available in both formats.

I only can only tell for V5, that both are generally identical for 2d. But I know some manufacturers, that supply a simple 2d dxf version, while the dwg contains 3d surfaces or has more information like dynamicc blocks in it. If the content is really identical the dwg file size might be smaller. Best to check a sample file of both and compare.

Thanks for the reply. In this instance the DXF and DWG versions of the drawings appear to be identical including file structure. The DWG versions are smaller so I will use them.

DXF is an ASCII text version of DWG. That’s why it’s smaller on disk.
If the supported version is the same, then the data should be the same.

DXF/DWG does not support NURBS curves or surfaces.

DXF and DWG allow for an embedded ACIS solid, although the support for that is probably not available in earlier versions. I know I have saved 2007 version with ACIS solids and I think I have saved ACIS solid back to 2000 version, although I would have to confirm that.

Yes, ACIS solid I/O is supported but not turned on for export in the default export scheme.
AutoCAD ACIS solids are translated to NURBS polysurfaces in Rhino.