DWG issue with naked edges


see CP_DWG_issue.
CP_DWG_issue.3dm (153.2 KB)

Simple model, no naked edges.
Units = centimeters, tolerance 0.01.
All good.

Now I export as DWG 2004 solids (must be DWG).
test.dwg (46.2 KB)

Then I start a new model, centimeters, large.
This are the same tolerance settings then.

I import the DWG file.
And see some naked edges which should be not there.

What is the cause?
And how to export ‘better’.


Hi Charles - I see that - thanks.

(Fixed in the V6 WIP)


Thanks Pascal.

The customer uses V5.
Any workaround for this issue?

Hi Charles - in this particular case the quickest is to remove that flat side adjacent to the naked edge and Cap the object to close it off. I don’t know if this is a more general problem though and needs a different workaround.


Not possible:
The shown example is very simplified.
In the real world it is factor 10000 this edges.

What is the reason?
Is the export bad or is it the import?
(I hope the import - I have no other program to test with.)

Well, after more testing, it looks like it is the reading part - that is, a V6 export, imported to a cm, .01 file in V5 has the same naked edge as from the V5 export, but v6 imports it’s own export in a .01 cm file, as well as the V5 export, just fine.


I don’t understand the problem. Why are you exporting to dwg then bringing the model back into Rhino? When I open your dwg file in AutoCAD and run an stl check, it says the model is watertight. What are you using the dwg file for?


To test the export, nothing else.