.dwg Importing with annotation scale issues

Hi rhino users,
I’ve been having issues when opening .dwg files in Rhino 6. Upon import all text and annotation scales seem to import and display fine in Model space but all text is blown out of scale in layout space. I’ve attached some photos for reference. I am needing to revise and send these back in .dwg format. So I am worried that if I manually edit the annotation styles to display correctly in rhino, when I send them back they will read incorrectly on their software. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Hello - check this setting in DocumentProperties:


I am having the same issue and it is not solved by checking the “Enable model space scaling” nor the “Enable layout space scaling”.

Anyone can help here? :slight_smile:

Hi -

Please post your 3dm file.

Unfortunately is confidential, so I cannot post it.

But I can show you some screenshots.

Step 1:

Step 2:


Step 3:

All the annotation are generally grouped

Step 4:

So I need to explode and cancel them manually:


I am seeing this too on a Mac system. v8

Open new model file, import manufacturers .DWG. Dimension lines are 30-40 metres.

Both files attached.
dim_sor_1010.dwg (207.9 KB)
Imported DXF Solar Rib.3dm (2.5 MB)