DupEdge + G1 G2 Chain selection (Sugestion)

In my opinion It would be nice and helpful to add an option in the DupEdge command line where we can select edges conected by Tangency or Curvature continuity. It will help to work faster in some situations. It would be something like a Dup Edge + Selchain command.
What do you think?
Thank you.

You can call Join and then filter to curves only (crv) and call Selchain. Do you think that added options to the DupEdge command would provide a superior workflow?

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That is great. I was not aware about the fact that we could mix two or more commands. That works perfect.
It would be easier to find If this was implemented in the command line. But mixing two or more commands in the same action gives much more power to rhino.
Do you know which commands can be “mixed”? Is there a list or something?

Thank you very much.

I don’t have a list, no. And for most commands, that wouldn’t make sense at all. But, of course, the zoom commands are an example of things that can be nested.

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