Duplicate edge + _SelChain = Annoying bug

Well, for an example - I have some surface, or a polysurface, and I want to duplicate edge… If I use _SelChain command to select edges - in a result I have duplicated edges… twice… all of them, except the one I pick first… and if this contour is something complex, with a lot of elements - it is very annoying job - to find that duplicated lines and to delete them…

Is it possible to fix??

Thank’s in advance


Can you post an example file?

Can You tell me - how can I post a file in here? :slight_smile:

Just drag and drop it into the message window.  It needs to be less than 2 Mb.


try to run SelChain command, to select all outer contour, and then - to
run a "duplicate edge " command… - in my case - all edges are twice
duplicated, except that one - I picked up running SelChain command

example.3dm (74.4 KB)

Yeah, I see that too… Depending on which edge you pick, sometimes not all the others are duplicated… SelDup selects them.


  1. In this case DupBorder or DupFaceBorder, or,
  2. Call DupEdge first, then SelChain (with Position) and then pick one edge…


This one is just an simple example, usually I need to make this contour copy from polysurfaces, and running “Duplicate Border” command - will also make a lot of unnecessary geometries - exploding them, deleting unwanted, joining… a lot of extra operations… But Running DuoEdge first, then SelChain - do not allow to choose a Chain_Continuity selecting option ( position, tangency, curvature )…

It does here… DupEdge, type or hit the SelChain button, you should have all the options in the command line… No?


I don’t have nothing, except DupEdge option - OutputLayer…

To me it looks like SelChain is not runnig at all if DupEdge is active running command

Version 5 SR9 64-bit
(5.9.40609.20145, 2014.06.09.)

Yes. I think you are right.

[Really?] 1 What am I doing wrong, then?


I don’t know. I can’t figure out how you made this work at all. I have the same results as @Dimetro

The bug is you’re using the SelChain toolbar button. That appears to have a bad macro, it has a ’ in front. Doesn’t work inside SelDup. Without it it does. I typed all the commands, that’s why it works on my end. It also works if you call everything from the menus.


Yes. I just figured this out, too. If you just type Chain instead of SelChain after SelDup, it also works fine.

Bug: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-27770