Edge selection / auto chain / dupedge

Auto chain on dupedge? why not?

I often have to sortof work with / hack together crap models provided by clients or vendors and it gets pretty tedious repeatedly selecting hundreds of segments of an edge. Autochain doesn’t always help. mergealledges usually does nothing in these situations. I kinda wish there was a way to select an edge once and then establish it as a chained edge permanently for easy selection.

Any other bright ideas out there?

Hi Ryan - SelChain is always available when selecting curves, including edges in DupEdge. Just make sure to Enter once the selection is complete. Does that do it?


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Thanks Pascal. Didn’t know that.

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Once you have the chain selected how do i make it a curve? If i can make it a curve it would be perfect.

use the Join command?

use dupedge

this will make duplicate all teh edges… you may need to join and even rebuild if the curve is messy.