Vector print not same draw order?!?

There is a bug (at least from the users point of view) regarding Vector print.
It doesn’t have the same draw order as Raster Print:

And just switching to Vector gives this preview:

And before you ask: YES it prints like the preview, and this also applies to the PDF printer.

It’s impossible to tell what the draw order is from the static previews you show, but I do notice that the two smaller rectangles are filled in the raster preview and just outlined in the vector preview. Is this what you are talking about?

Duh, yeah, I should have specified. This happens to both curves and hatches. (on occation. with default draw-order.)
It’s just odd that the raster draws it like it’s shown in the viewport, but vector kind of chooses to figure it out differently.

If I move the objects in Z direction then I get Vector to print propperly, so there is no issues with the actual printing.

Hi Jorgen - I see this, thanks.



Same problem for me with (6.0.17332.10241, 28.11.2017). It’s really unsatisfing that this bug is still present after 3 years. Vector print is essential for a good pdf-export (the build in pdf-export generates really huge files…)

Yeah, this is worse than ever now.
I also have issues with some objects not showing the right colors in detail vs shaded display mode.
(I’ll try an find the time to upload an example)

any news on this? I have to manually redraw it in other vector programs after printing…really pain in the …Even though we have 6.7 now!

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Any news ? Version 6 SR33
(6.33.20343.16431, 12/08/2020) has the same problem. I have a curve physically moved in z axis to get to the top of pdf, while drawing the order is omitted.