Drawn lines in shaded view not consistently displaying in view


Never had this happen before, lines I have drawn lines that are not always showing up in shaded view. Sometimes their their there some times not. I do have “show lines turned on” in shaded view port in properties. . They are showing consistently in ghosted view. When I switch into shaded view the lines are there for a second then are gone. Any one have a clue whats going on in this type of situation? maybe I changed some other setting?


(John Brock) #2

We would need a simple example file with a surface and a few curves that demonstrate the issue to know for sure.

(David Cockey) #3

As John said an example file would help. You can upload it using the vertical arrow above where you type your post.

Are these curves supposed to be on a surface? If so is the surface open or closed? Do they disappear in all viewports?

One possibility is the curves are not exactly on a surface and are being obscured by the surface.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Flubber - I guess the first thing is to check a Shaded mode is set to defaults - you can set that in Options > View > Display modes. If the problem still occurs, and if it is not all the time, then finding a case where it is repeatable and sending that in here would be the next thing…