Drawing has disappeared in file

I was wondering if anyone can help me with this

I was zooming out of floorpans and I zoomed out too far and now I have lost the drawings in the file.

I was wondering how I can find them again? It took me hours to create. I

I have tried zoom all extents to no avail, I have tried to select an area to see if it will be highlighted and that did not work too

Any suggestions please?

have you tried Select All ?

Yes I did this but it did not work :frowning:

You could try selecting the objects of a layer which contains geometry, by right-clicking in the layer table and then ‘ZoomSelected’


Another idea is to draw a circle from 0,0,0 at a chosen radius, ‘SelLast’ and zoom selected onto it.

That worked! Thank you

if you run the command 4View twice it resets the camera for all 4 views. zooming out too far not finding home has been a bug for as long as i know rhino.