Draw order when working with Reference files

Hi forum,

I am drafting Construction documents for an architectural project with Rhino and I found an issue that I need to resolve:

The draw order in my original file is lost when I have it as a Reference file in another document. In this new document, the hatches and linework from the original file print in wrong order.

I used “ClearDrawOrder” then “SendtoBack” and “BringtoFront” to organize my elements; and detached and re-attached the reference file, but the error is still happening.

Any ideas?


Hello - so far here, a simple test works as expected - can you post or send to tech@mcneel.com as simple a set of files as is practical, to reproduce this? Please include a link back to this topic in your comments.

@ells.architects - got it, thanks - RH-59396 Draw order lost with inserted file


Hello Pascal - I sent an email to tech@mcneel.com with my files.

I’ll post a screenshot here so other users may understand the issue.

It generally happens with all hatches: they print on top of their boundary curves, which is quite visible in PDF but barely noticeable in print. The screenshot, however, is one I need to resolve as it looks like a mistake in print.

If this draworder issue persists, I could either hatch the facade “around” the guy, or just keep the facade without a hatch.
Many thanks!

I usually type “SelHatch” then “SendToBack” — it does its job perfectly on the original drawing, then I update the link on the second file in order to print the final drawing, but the hatches are not consistent.