Bug report visualization order

sometimes the visualization order is not preserved when the file is saved and re-opened.
Furthermore, the block instances that contains hatches cannot be sent to the back.

Do you have any walkaround or any solution for that?

is there any “regen” command like in autocad? maybe that would solve the problem

Hello - can you post an example? Preferably one that does not involve blocks, which adds a level of complication that, I bet, draw order does not keep up with.


I’m going to attach two images and a rhino file with an example:
Actually the order seems to be preserved once reopened the file, maybe I was wrong the first time, anyway the sorting of the hatches is particularly problematic, for example in the coloured rectangle case if I select the blue rectangle (hatch+perimeter) and I apply a _BringToFront command it brings the perimeter to front but not the hatch, at least not completely.

in the other case the grey area on the back is a super thick curve (60 of thickness) and no matter how many times I try to push it to the back it only goes partially on the back, in some points it remains overlapped to the black line as you can see, unless I bring the black line to the front itself, but in that case it would come on front also with regards to the other elements of the drawing which I don’t want.

aaa.3dm (29.5 KB)

PS: if I copy and paste the grey thick line and send it to the back it works…

I’m unable to reproduce that in the file that you sent. Does it work better for you if you first run ClearDrawOrder and then order them the way you want?

Actually yes, thanks! clearing the draw order solved the problem of the second image, and the problem shown in the first of the two images is only a visualization problem in the layout apparently, but there are no issues in the pdf once printed.