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My question is quite simple. I can’t find a way to draw on surfaces, whatever I do: polyline, rectangle, etc.



Hi dear David Larouche
You can use Pull or Project command . Depend on your work, with These commands you can draw every thing and pull or project it on your surface .For more information:


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Thank for your answer Shayan,

I don’t see the use of project, when you could simply draw on the surface. Is there any explanation that explain the use of this method in rhino? Because you duplicate your action instead of trying to optimized it.


are you talking about drawing on flat surfaces?
if so, you can try:

• choose the ‘surface’ option
• pick your surface
• (in many cases, press enter to accept default)

you can then easily draw on that surface.



I think you can use:

curve/ freeform/ interp curve on surface, polyline on surface, sketch on surface
curve/ offset curve/ offset curve on surface


hope that helps


Ahh, it has all to do with the Cplane. So setting it up on surface will help me to draw on surfaces. It’s magic! :slight_smile: Thanks you all for your help!

Project and pull seems quite nice too if you want your objects to be independent from the projected object and keep it as a copy.

Hi dear David Larouche
As you see in below video when you write Project or Pull in prompt command you can see the explanation of these two commands at command Help.
Video 10-11-2015 10-59-32 AM.mp4 (12.1 MB)
As other way you can write Project curve to surface or Pull in Help topic

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