Polyline on surface

Hi, just a dumb question, is there any way to draw a polyline over surface or face?

I want it to be sharp “angled”, that´s why interpolate curve won´t work. I´m looking a fastest route than interpcrv>rebuild>degree=1 etc… Thanks!

Hi Andres - if the surface is planar, set the CPlane to the surface (CPlane>Object, or CPLane> Surface) and just use Polyline. Does that do it?


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Pascals idea is a great one.

Another idea is while running the Polyline command you can utilize the Persistent On Polysurface or Persistent on Surface OSnap by pressing the CTRL key during the Polyline command and moving your mouse over the OSnap selectors and selecting the persistent snap that meets your needs.

Here’s a helpful link about OSnaps and some of neat tricks they can do.

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wow! tried both ways and they worked perfectly. this opens a whole world of possibilities. thank you guys!!!

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