Draw Curve on a Surface

Here is an arbitrary surface that I created, and then edited in Paint to show what I mean. Basically I want to be able to draw a curve on a surface.

If this doesn’t exist, how I could see this working…

  1. user clicks point
  2. get user’s current perspective, and draw a line from their perspective to 1000 units away in the direction of the point
  3. get all intersection points
  4. return the closest point and add it to point collection
  5. determine the shortest path across the surface between the two points (for a simple polyline type line (verses something more complex) and connect

if it doesn’t exist natively in Rhino - are there any extensions that could do it, or does anyone have an idea about how you would approach programming it?

Hi - see the InterpCrvOnSrf command, as well as http://wiki.mcneel.com/labs/curveonsurfacev5


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Ah, perfect! That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you pascal!

Is there something analogous for doing the same operation on a mesh?

Try the PolylineOnMesh command.

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Thank you! you guys are amazing :smile: