How to draw polyline on surface

interpolate on surface can only draw a curved line on the surface? is there a way to draw polyline on surface? without change the c plan?

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hi , type your command and push enter button then hold the ctrl key and move your mouse to the down of rhino window after that click on POnSrf , select your surface and draw polyline on it

Hi john, I assign it under rhino, should I assign it somewhere else?

wow, this is amaing .thanks so much!

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I was curious to try this feature. I clicked on polyline, for example, ctrl key at the bottom and I select “POnSrf”, I click on the surface that interests me and I try to draw my polyline. Result: it is not drawn on the surface, the polyline is skewed.
Where am I wrong?

A polyline has straight line segments. Only the vertices of the polyline will be on the surface, with straight lines between the vertices. Use Pull or Project to pull or project the lines to the surface if desired, which changes the straight line segments to curves which fit the surface.