Dragging/copying a mesh does not leave a "ghost" behind

Like the subject says,
If you drag a surface, you see a trace of the original while the command is active, with meshes it’s no longer visible.

That depends on your display mode.
If the setting [… > Your Display Mode] > Visibility > Show mesh wires is checked, you should be able to see the original mesh object during a copy operation.

Hello Wim,

That is a good point but I tend to work with dense meshes and visible mesh wires is not good for me.
In R5.0, with mesh wire hidden, the original mesh is still visible while dragging, same as other entities.

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Same problem here in V6. This is bad. In V5 it worked “as expected” : the ghosted wireframe of mesh (whether is was wires, or edges, or both) was left visible. Now in V6 nothing shows unless MeshWires are visible (thickness<>0).

Please understand that in many workflows the best display for meshes is to have MeshWires=ON, but show only Edges (all types, thickness > 0) and keep WireFrame thickness=0. This way the meshes display clean with no extra triangulations on welded areas of faces.

Currently with MeshWires=ON, but Wireframe thickness=0 (and all other edges thickness > 0 ) nothing shows when moving/dragging/copying in V6. This is a major set-back compared to V5.

Please bring back the old and only logical functionality !


Hi Jarek - I see this, thanks.


thanks Pascal.

Hi Pascal, is there YT for this one to follow?

Errr yes.



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