Draft angle analysis got "baked" into a mesh

Interesting phenomenon here, I have a terrain model in V5 which I was trying to use draft angle analysis to see where it was steep (for machining). I must have saved and closed the file with the analysis still active.

The result is that it seems to have gotten baked into the mesh, although there is no other texture applied, it shows up in all shaded/rendered display modes (just not wireframe). Below is shaded mode.

Anyone else experience this, or is it one of those wacky one-offs? RebuildMeshNormals fixed it, so there is no problem, I was just wanting to report this “curiosity”…


I had something similar last week in v5. I did a draft analysis on an injection moulded part and the coloured shading remained even after I had turned off the draft analysis (I think I may have closed and saved the file too). It only effected some surfaces, not the entire model (it was nurbs, not mesh).

I reapplied the default material in the properties panel and it seemed to cure the issue. First time I’d ever seen this problem and it hasn’t happened since.

Hi Mitch - I just tried it here and did not get the baked colors…

(Draft angle analysis on a mesh, save and close, close Rhino with the false color still on, reopen the file.)

@Helvetosaur - I lied - it does bake, just not in the modes I had my vp in for analysis (err. wireframe). So yes, it is repeatable at least in 5.

Same in 6.

RebuildMesh clears the vertex colors.



OK, thanks, RebuildMeshNormals also clears them. Cheers, --Mitch