Download speed

Hi, what are the reasons for the “jaggy” download speed for a new build?
It is much faster for me to download through than to wait for the new build to download internally in Rhino.
And when I look in taskmanager then it jumps from 0% to 50% download load for every refresh:

I would also like for the update question page to check for a new build and ask if I would like to download the newest if the one allready downloaded is the previous build. I don’t use the WIP on my lapopt every week, but when I update it I would of course like the newest build :slight_smile:


We use BITS for downloading updates

Background is probably the key word for why you see spikes.

Thanks, makes sense.
Any thoughts on checking if a newer than the downloaded version is available?

Doesn’t the “check now” link in Options>Updates and Statistics work for you?

There doesn’t appear to be an “update frequency” dropdown in the WIP on that page, so I don’t know how you get the bleeding-edge “daily” builds… a few people seem to have those.


Not really; this stuff was pretty hard to get right when we wrote it way back in V5. I don’t think we should make any changes in this area as we approach the release of 6.0.

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