Doubly curved brep | plane producing incorrect results

And would you just look at that. It fixed all my other problems!


For anyone else out there. If you run to this issue with the Region Difference throwing a “1. Solution exception:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

I inserted the “original plane for boolean solution” (obvious) then Graft it and it fixed the issue.


How exactly do you do this? [quote=“christopher.ho, post:4, topic:96584”]
I used the centre of the circle as an attractor point to sort out the direction of the slit before taking the front or back.

The intersection between brep | brep is a curve that has no specific orientation.
By taking the end points of that curve and reordering them by distance towards the centre of the circle
I can create a straight line where they are all lined up in the same orientation.

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Perfect! It worked.

Thanks again!