Double Rotation (Bongo)


(Montresor) #1

Hello again, I am trying to rotate an object, pause, then rotate it again. My problem is that whenever I re-orient the pivot, it doesn’t work the first time (makes sense). The object also moves in 3D space whenever I move the pivot to the new edge. Not sure if it is even possible to rotate an object twice in Bongo, but it probably is. Thanks again!

  • Alex


This is where “proxy” comes into play. You can make extra points and lines about which you then rotate in different sequences.

So if having multiple sets of extra points and lines, you just rotate these, one at the time, and of course, these extra “proxy” points and lines would then drag with them also your geometry.

Any such extra stuff doesn’t have to be visible during animation, only during setup.

// Rolf

(Luc Adriaenssen) #3

I fear my friend Rolf is somewhat plagued with the burden of knowledge. He forgot to mention that the relationship between the ‘extras’ (I rather call then ‘auxiliaries’ than ‘proxies’) and the object actual object is based on Hierarchical linking – the parent/child relation. The video starts off with a glance on this wonderful tool.

I guess a sample model says more than words can do: alex.3dm (44.6 KB)


(Montresor) #4

Thanks guys!